Put a Lemon under your Bed

What will happen if you cut a few lemons and place them on the bedside in your Bedroom. 
Health benefits of this awesome fruit cannot describe. Why? Because this can improve your life, your appearance and your health. First of all we talk about the smell of lemon. Why the smell of lemon associated with clean and fresh. Lemons is a natural antiseptic and no doubt lemon juice is a powerful cleaning agent. If you want to improve your mood, or the people who suffer from depression, lemon smell is good for all of them. 
Lemon juice is a natural cleanser and there are lots of people who are using it to treat several skin diseases. If you cut the lemon, then rub it on elbows, knees and calluses. It will make your skin areas soften. If you want to clean your nails or freshen your breath then lemon juice is perfect. 
If you want a good treatment against diseases then lemon juice is also awesome. Daily drink lemon juice and say good bye to your diseases. 

Put a Lemon Under your Bed

This is a very little trick but can be very useful. Cut three lemons and then place them under your bed. Now leave them whole night. Repeat this step every night. What will happen.
You can feel a very wonderful smell in your bedroom. It’s really awesome than any air freshener. You will never use any air freshener. You will feel your breathe better. If you are suffering from asthma or if you have a cold, even if you are suffering from allergy or if you have difficulty in breathing the air filled with lemon will help. Next morning you can feel clean and fresh throat with clear mind. You will feel yourself very fresh and rested. So use this trick and be health.